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By purchasing this bracelet, You will help donate 10% from our proceeds from items in our shop to The Breast Cancer Now organization which are helping people affected by breast cancer. 

The Inspiration Behind The Bracelet

Whenever You Feel Overwhelmed... Remember Whose Daughter (Granddaughter / Niece / Mother / Sister) You Are and Straighten Your Crown Bracelet.

These bracelets are fine additions to anyone’s jewelry box. They are also great inspirational gifts for women of all ages to help them see their inherent worth and strength in times of difficulties. Get her the one that suits her best!

“I love this bracelet! It’s so beautiful. I didn’t know I could choose from so many versions of the same bracelet. Now my daughter and niece can finally stop fighting about getting different treatments. Got one that says Daughter for my kid and one that says Niece for my brother’s. The finishing of the bracelet is really good, so no scratches to worry about, the engravings are all done in the best way, rounded up and inked nicely. Now the kids wear them out together everywhere!!!” 
- Jacqueline B.

“My mother is a legend. I’m not bragging. We are all raised to look up to her so when I saw that this bracelet with ‘grandma’ in that blank, it won me over. They are perfect Xmas gifts for the kids. So I got three of them, one for each girl. They come in so handy and beautiful. The words are clear, well-distributed in the limited space, and the black coloring is so even. Excellent jewelry!” 
 - Grace T.


“This bracelet has two lines of engravings, but it’s just as thin as the others!!! I got a  ‘daughter’ one for myself. It really speaks to me since I’m having my first baby after five years of marriage. Nothing compares to my mother’s support at this crucial moment. Whenever I’m scared, I would talk to my husband, but I don’t want to drown him with too much trouble that he won’t understand even when he tried, he really did try. It’s often so much easier when Mom is here to take care of me. So I would love this message on my bracelet. And it looks so pretty!!! I might get some more for my friends who had been taking care of me these months!! ” 
- Caroline M.

This shiny yet subtle bracelet will grace your kid's wrist for years to come serving as a gentle reminder that there is someone that will always love them and support them!

The hidden yet powerful message on the inside of the bracelet will be the voice of courage and reason that will keep your kids in check with the right path to success!

Made out of 316 Stainless steel with silver plating it will never fade, tarnish or stain like your love and support for them!

Strengthen your bond with your kids by getting them this powerful inspirational bracelet today!

✅ Diameter 2.5", L/6.2", wide:3/8". Adjustable openings designed to fit most wrists.
✅ Will not cause allergic responses. Nickel-free, 100% in harmony with the wrist.



60 Days Money Back Guarantee - In the unlikely event the receiver doesn't love their gift, simply return it to us for a full refund.

Shipping & Returns

Order estimate time of our FREE delivery is:

14 - 20 working days for USA

14 - 20 working days for EU

16 - 24 working days for other countries

Our EXPEDITED Delivery is:
7 - 10 working days


Bracelet size will fit wrists - from 5.5in to 8.5in

Care Instructions

Take care of jewellery

Cleaning silver plated jewellery and cleaning gold plated jewellery is very important in relation to keeping them beautiful for a long time. Many factors influence the durability of your jewellery, and therefore is it important to take good care of them.

How to take care of jewellery?
When you want to clean your jewellery, we do not recommend a special jewellery polish or jewellery cleaner, but simply a soft cloth or a jewellery polishing cloth.

If your jewellery has been exposed to any kind of humidity (e.g. water, sweat or smoke), chemicals (e.g. chlorine, perfume or hairspray) or imbalances in your body due to alcohol, medicine, stress or air pollution, you should clean it with a soft cloth. This is because these factors have the ability to provoke a chemical reaction in the metal, which can cause the jewellery to oxidize.

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