About us

Life can be tough and unforgiving at times. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball. It doesn’t go the way we planned. All that matters is to Keep going!

Our goal is to give people inspiration through our products to have the strength to keep forward despite how tough and dark life can get.

All individuals deserve to live a happy life! During tough times it often gets difficult to stay positive. Having a simple reminder to wear always makes the difference! Remember you are strong and capable of anything!

We hope that you will enjoy our wonderful products and that you will share them with your friends and share some positivity.

We have devoted significant time and efforts in supporting what we believe to be a great cause Breast Cancer Now. Their research and care provides support today and hope for the future for all who are going through the battle with this illness.

We are donating monthly 10% of each of our proceeds from products form out store to the  Breast Cancer Now organization.

Together we stay strong and we can fight whatever obstacle we face.